Worlds Biggest Social Media Competitors

October 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered what makes the world’s most popular social media applications so successful?

The top three apps include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. They are the world’s most interconnecting tools, and many businesses haven’t taken the appropriate amount of time to understand the success of these models. If you know the basic reasons why these apps are so successful, it’s possible that your business can be the next most popular social media app on the market. Here are a few ways Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube succeed.
  1. The Use of Notifications.

    Each app has set up a way for the consumer to be notified when something new has happened on their account. This helps keep the individual engaged with the app. This is also scientifically well thought out because as a result of getting a notification our brain releases dopamine (the happy neurotransmitter) making the app psychologically more addictive to its users. These apps have managed to find a way to continually grasp our attention to make sure we don’t ever want to stop using their apps.
  2. Ease of Navigation.

    Each of these apps makes use of a search tool icon that boldly sticks out so that the consumers of their product has an easier time navigating the app. One of the most frustrating aspects of an app happens to be when it is too hard to try and navigate. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are great examples of making sure the icons they want people to make use of stick out the most so people do not have a hard time navigating their app.
  3. Content Provided by Users.

    Each of these apps makes sure that you have the right to post content that you want, with a few exceptions. You can do this to an extent. The app may delete content that is deemed too explicit, violent or offensive from your post. This helps make sure that the audience of all intended ages on these apps feels comfortable viewing their friend’s content.

With that said, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube hold the position of the world’s most popular social media tools for the reasons stated above. This is part of the reason why Facebook has approximately 2.23 billion users. Instagram has reported having more than 800 million users, and YouTube has more than 1 billion users. Your business can follow this same model of success. Contact Social Network MD today to learn how to implement these methods seamlessly into your business.