Websites Fail for 5 Reasons

September 3, 2018

Your website introduces your company to the world.

When a visitor comes to your site, they have a 30-second attention span. There are simple mistakes your website may have that can cause you to lose the attention of your potential customers. Social Network MD is an Atlanta web design company. Here are a few common mistakes we see among business websites.
  1. An amateur built your website.

The first mistake many business owners make is allowing an amateur to build their website. Social Network MD encourages business owners to leave website design to the experts and use an Atlanta web design company. By investing in your website and trusting the reputable professionals at Social Network MD, you are guaranteed to have a well-built website without mistakes.
  1.  The website is too cluttered.

Your website visitors value a clean and organized presentation. A site can look cluttered when it has too many objects that can clash, such as patterns, photos, graphics, embedded objects, and widgets. Be sure that your website is laid out logically so that users do not feel overwhelmed.
  1.  There are no photos.

Photos are a great way to visually represent your products or services. Modern websites have large banner-style photos with words and buttons overlaid. You will need a graphic designer who has access to a photographer or stock photos to create the high-resolution banner style photos for your website. Social Network MD does graphic design in-house so you can relax and trust their expert services.
  1.  There are no words.

Google and other search engines read your website using bots. Bots are designed to crawl your site and find relevant words. The relevant words help Google to direct search engine users to your website. When you choose web design services from Social Network MD, they ensure that your site has the perfect balance of words and photos. Your users will be entertained, and Google can find your relevant words.
  1. Your social media profiles are not linked.

Customers may also want to keep in communication with your business using social media. Your website should include links to your social network profiles, and your social network profiles should include links to your website.  

These are common mistakes found on many websites on the internet.. Contact Social Network MD today for a free comprehensive website review.