Tips for Marketing Your Business to College Students

September 25, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered “why is social media important for business,” the answer is simple – millennials.

This age population spans from 18 to 34 years old, and during the fall season, over 30% of millennials are attending college. Back-to-school is a great time to reach millennials. Read on to learn how.

Understand the Population

Millennials spend 6 to 8 hours online daily. This time is not always focused because they spend time posting and engaging on social media. This extensive amount of time spent online is a huge opportunity for business owners. When you wonder “why is social media important for business” just remember that millennials are unlike any generation that precedes them, which can make marketing to them especially important.  

Create Useful and Engaging Content

Millennials are the most impatient generation. One thing they don’t want to see when they search for a product or brand is content that doesn’t serve a purpose and wastes their time. There are millions of ways to advertise online and reach millennials, but make sure your content is useful, engaging and gets to the point. Campaigns that are a minute or less are a great way to market to your audience.  

Go Mobile

Many millennials shop on their phones, but there’s more to it than that. The vast majority also use their phones to comparison shop when they’re in a physical store, or before they make a purchase online. Smartphones are the norm among millennials, so mobile engagement such as Facebook advertisements and Instagram marketing is a must.  

Support a Cause

Millennials are less interested in corporate success and more interested in social welfare. Supporting a community or social cause through donations or volunteer work is a great way to attract the attention of millennials who also support the movement. Be careful not to get involved in political causes as this can reflect poorly on your brand.  

Be Consistent

Millennials are so busy that they can be forgetful. Consistency is the key to capturing their attention. Plan your marketing calendar in advance and stick to it. Consistent reminders help you remain relevant in the eyes of this generation. When your business doesn’t post, millennials won’t think about you.