The Importance of Multimedia in Advertising

March 3, 2019

In our current society, it is unimaginable that any business should decide to use only one modality for advertising.  

We all know why a website is important but how to develop those websites and online presences is always the question.  The need for audio and visual stimulation has increased exponentially in recent decades especially in the face of so many different types of online advertising.  This has had a triggering or domino effect of advertising and the ways in which we go about it. The market surrounding online advertising methods is mercurial and constantly changing.  Social media has become one of the primary ways for both large and small businesses to build personal relationships with patrons and customers. Social media also dissolves any geographic boundaries between consumer and company.  Social media content also increases the potential for your specific marketing campaign to go viral, generate very targeted site traffic and tends to be inexpensive. Besides social media, advertising includes videos, commercials, posters, stickers, radio and internet ads.  It is beneficial to our business to participate and take full advantage of the attention spans of all potential customers by appealing to our different senses.  As human beings, we enjoy visual stimulation. Ads that include color saturation and eye catching images will keep potential customers attention. Our physical senses however are not the only ones that encourage our decision making processes in the same way that they can affect consumers.  After all, we’re all consumers at various points in time. Businesses must appeal to our emotional senses. Consumers want to know us. They want to be able to believe in and trust our brands. If you’re reading this then you know that establishing that trust is an extraordinarily sensitive process.  We have to balance putting ourselves on display with being sure that we do not over saturate our target market. Understanding color psychology, the frequency of display ads, constructing engagement tactics, and other essential knowledge bases are the crux of a quality advertising campaign.  Most of us are not advertising professionals but hiring a multimedia professional is one of the most intelligent, powerful and decisive moves that we can make toward steering the success of our companies forward.    

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