Logos & Branding.

Pop quiz! What is a brand? It’s the combination of how you present and promote yourself and how people define and review you as a result. So, as you can imagine, visuals can have a big impact on your image (no pun intended).

To develop and maintain an impactful brand image, you need:

  • A memorable logo
  • Appropriate and consistent fonts and typography
  • Appealing colors
  • A signature photography style
  • Shapes, lines, textures, patterns and other elements that visually identify your business

Our talented design team can whip up a full visual identity for you so that your branding is consistent. But, of course, consistency is the only thing that matters... It wouldn’t help to have consistently horrible visual branding, right? We think not.

That’s why we work hard to make sure that your visual identity is also attractive, easily identifiable and, well, unforgettable.

So…What Do You Need to Know About Logos?

From the outside, logo design can seem like a mysterious process. Do you have to decide on just one option? What file types do you need? We’ve got some answers to your basic questions on our blog.

Our Process

Whether you’re looking for a refresh or a total, mind-blowing brand overhaul, our process looks a little like this.

SNMD team discuss about design process


We start things off with a deep dive into your brand and how you’d like to be perceived.


WIth our list of attributes and descriptors in hand, our design team gets to work. Starting with sketches and ideation up through the actual vector design. When we come to finalized concepts, we’ll present our ideas and how they relate back to our initial discussion.

A SNMD team member drawing logo on ipad
two SNMD team members discussing design revision


We may hit it out of the park during round one. But most often, we will need to make tweaks and edits to make the logo just right. We’ll work with you until everything aligns perfectly with the brand you want to show the world.


As mentioned in our blog post, we provide you with an entire logo suite containing all the types and color combinations you might need.

a SNMD team member working on amavi logos

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