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Logo & Branding for an Atlanta IV Hydration Company

It's always a joy to build a brand from the ground up. Hydra+ brought us on to help streamline their brand into a sleek, sophisticated and minimal aesthetic. After a logo rebranding, we unrolled the new look to their website, menu, emails, social media and other marketing collateral.


Our Process.


For Hydra+, the goal was always expansion but, of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all expansion plan when it comes to business. To make successful, sustainable growth possible for the brand, we created both a franchise-friendly marketing plan and asset gallery.


Additionally, using a wide range of diverse models in just as wide a range of atmospheres, we created detailed personas. These make it possible for Hydra+ to appeal to just about any set of demographics. Talk about setting a business up for long-term success.


One of the biggest challenges businesses face as they grow is keeping the brand unified. When aspects of the brand splinter off in different directions, things can easily go south. But that won’t be the case with Hydra+ because we’ve created a solid, unified foundation on which the company can build with confidence!

Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail1 Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail4 Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail3 Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail2
Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail1 Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail4 Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail3 Hydra+OurProcessThumbnail2