Evan Paterakis


  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Logos & Branding

Branding and website design for a photographer.

Evan Paterakis is a talented social photographer and videographer with a focus on three areas: Lifestyle, music, and brands. He came to us wanting a sleek website to show off his best work and that’s exactly what we delivered, along with an equally awesome new logo!


Our Process.


Evan is a fan of the minimalist look. He wanted to stick to geometric shapes as far as his logo went and, overall, preferred a simple, clean look for his site and branding. We stayed true to this vision throughout the process.


While designing the logo especially, we played around with a ton of different options including balancing sharp, hard angles with softer type. In the end, though, we went all the way with the edges and angles. Both Evan and the team agreed that that was the best look!


We were always aware that whatever we created for Evan would need to complement his imagery, which often features soft pastels. As it turned out, our clever use of contrast worked—the hard angles of his new branding struck the perfect balance!

Evan-Process-1@2x Evan-Process-2@2x Evan-Process-3@2x Evan-Process-4@2x
Evan-Process-1@2x Evan-Process-2@2x Evan-Process-3@2x Evan-Process-4@2x

The Results.