How to Make Your Page Go Viral

April 30, 2019

There is no secret formula to making a page go viral.  

In our current internet obsessed society, everything from singing cats to TED talks is allowed their fifteen minutes of fame!  These viral crazes demonstrate why a website is important. The following tips might just help you get your time in the spotlight and draw online advertising to your page:

Tip 1

Make sure that your content is up-to-par. Actually, your content should be beyond up-to-par – it should be excellent.  One of the most important aspects of a site’s potential to go viral is its ability to appeal to its audience on a mass level.  Users or customers must be completely engaged in order to make your site go viral. A common mistake that people make is trying to get advertisers’ attention before they’ve captivated their audience accordingly.  Quality content is the key to virality. It is also equally important to put out content on a regular basis in order to keep your viewers and target audiences interested.

Tip 2

Partnerships with other companies and blog sites are also another marketing strategy that has proven to be successful time and time again. Forging relationships helps to expand your audiences beyond the people that would normally be reached i.e. your typical audiences.  The most common way to initiate these relationships is by reaching out to the brand and influencers that are most popular with your target audience.  Another excellent way to ensure that you are engaging your target audiences and building a blog or site that brands and influencers will want to partner with is by telling personal and relatable stories that connect people.  It isn’t even unheard of for site creators and developers to manufacture a fictional character that will resonate with your audiences; one in whom they can see themselves.

Tip 3

The last way to completely keep an audience engaged and also a good way to garner new subscribers or advertiser attention is by creating a video series. This helps people want to associate themselves with your brand and use or feature you and your products.  An important trend to remember is that users prefer content that they can process in ten seconds or less. The longer and wordier your posts are, the more you lessen the likelihood of those same posts going viral. This also decreases your chances of being able to take advantage of online advertising and monetizing your pages.