How Does Social Media Presence Help to Foster Strong Brand Development?

April 18, 2019

Online advertising, including Instagram advertising campaigns and other online advertising methods that take place via social media, is not something that we can debate about doing for our businesses.  

Social media and all of the subsequent bells and whistles that accompany it is how we interact with our customers. Essentially, our social pages are how consumers learn about us and our brands; it is how we communicate with them.  

The world of social media is fast-paced and based on instant gratification.  We have a limited amount of time to capitalize on any given social media wave so it is also important to move quickly.  The advantage is that when it is done well, social marketing allows us to reach out to a broader audience in far less time than we could ever have been able to do in the past.  Social media is the best place to let our personalities shine through and allow viewers and customers to learn to love and trust us. Our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds are all grand opportunities for us to speak clearly to our customers.  Once our online presences are established, it ensures that our brands become visible and that visitors to our sites become customers while our old customers remain loyal to our brands and services.

Our customers’ experiences with our brands are what essentially will draw advertisers and marketers to our brands.  The customer is always right and the way in which we interact with and serve them is what effectively determines our success.  Brands who engage well through their social media outlets have the most success and greater brand loyalty than their counterparts who have not quite mastered it.  Half of Americans follow their favorite brands and companies’ social outlets.


The final reason to truly make a concentrated effort toward maintaining a good quality social page is to increase inbound traffic or ROI.  More traffic equals more exposure and more customers. Social media is the best way to really expand and extend your customer base beyond people who are already familiar with our brands, products, or services.