Five Creative Ways to Advertise

November 29, 2018

Are you looking for creative ways to advertise your business on a budget?

If so, take a look at these tips to get you started. We offer all of these services at Social Network MD, so give us a call for a consultation, especially if you have questions about these tips.
  1. Build A Website

There is no getting around the internet. It is where most people conduct their research. As a business owner, you want to be on the receiving end of the searches they’ve conducted. This is done by creating a website. There are tons of places where you can do this for a discounted price, but you’ll have to also obtain a host. The steps aren’t difficult, but our experts can do this with ease and consultations with you.
  1. Content Marketing

What is content marketing? It’s another one of the creative ways to advertise your products or website. It’s a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract visitors, get them engaged, and convert their visits to sales and generating revenue.
  1. Build an Email List

Build your email list by offering a free glimpse into the content on your website in exchange for the visitor providing their first name and email address. This will be a valuable marketing asset for you which costs nothing to build.
  1. Location Based Services

This is a great way to be seen on your local scene. Submit your business information to location-based services and apps such as Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp, and Yahoo Local. Using location-based services will allow you to show up in local searches and drive traffic to your site.
  1. Write Press Releases

Write and send press releases to local newspapers or radio stations. Consequently, you can generate opportunities for interviews and shed light on your business.  

These are great tips on creative ways to advertise. At Social Network MD, we offer this and so much more. Contact us today to get started.