Did Facebook change its Algorithm?

June 9, 2018

There’s much talk these days about Facebook and its algorithm that controls getting your content in front of the eyes of your viewers.

  If you have a Facebook business page and you pay attention to notifications, you’ll notice that you have analytics that tell you how many views your page received and other information that helps you gauge your marketing success with Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm is always changing so if you’re taking on your Facebook marketing without the support of a social media company, you could be making mistakes. Read on to learn some tips and tricks about Facebook marketing.   To begin, Facebook is a free platform but companies earn through advertising. These Facebook tips and tricks help you understand, so that you don’t overspend on Facebook marketing.
  1. Perfect your target market.

If you use Facebook sponsored ads, then you understand that you have the option to adjust your target audience. Pay attention to the analytics and performance and make small changes to your target audience. Don’t be afraid to invest in marketing. Once you perfect your target audience, you will be able to reap the benefits from your marketing investment.
  1. Use a marketing company.

Professional marketing companies like Social Network MD specializes in finding your target customers and creating ads that capture their attention. You can focus on your business and trust that your ads will generate traffic, when you choose Social Network MD as your social media management company. The importance of social media cannot be understated and if you’re putting it in the hands of someone that is under qualified then you could be wasting thousands of dollars.
  1. Don’t forget Instagram.

Instagram is the sister site of Facebook. The two work together cohesively and by marketing on both sides, your website and business can receive enhanced traffic.  While the sides are related they have differences. Facebook is an information platform in which photos, videos, articles, blogs, and personal status updates are shared. Instagram is also an information platform, but focuses on the visual aspect using photos and videos. Your company should be using both platforms to advertise, but be sure to create content that fits the specific environment of the platforms.  

If you want better results from your marketing on Facebook and Instagram, contact Social Network MD today for free consultation.