Creative Ways for Businesses to Use Instagram Stories

October 2, 2018

Instagram has recently added Instagram stories as a new feature to their world renowned application.

This feature is very similar to Facebook and Snapchat story settings. The story lasts 24 hours and then mysteriously disappears into the thin cyber air. Have you ever thought about how smart this tool would be to use as a foundation for marketing your business? Millions of people check their Instagram account sporadically throughout the day. And we’re not talking only about Americans, as Instagram is one of the most popular global apps. Instagram can be used to help connect people essentially from all around the globe, but it is now being used by smart entrepreneurs who see Instagram stories as a key foundation to grow their business.

How Highlights Work

The main difference between Instagram stories and other platform stories is that you can highlight a story on your Instagram profile if you want people to continue to see it after the 24 hours period has passed. The feature is helpful if you wanted to save or showcase a story on your profile but not on your timeline. What goes on your story may not always match your timeline theme. Since Instagram is a visual platform, a matching theme on your profile is important.

How Businesses Can Use Highlights

How many times have you just glanced at Instagram today to watch your friends stories just to check up on their day? Most of the time an intended quick check on your Instagram timeline turns into an hour of time spent on the app without even noticing you were engaged for that long. By having separate and organized highlights with titles and simple graphic art, your business can quickly capitalize on the attention span of your audience. Highlights should be no longer than 10 slides with clear and quality photos showcasing your products. This can lead to an increased following and even website visits which are genuine leads.    

Social Network MD is here to help you explore alternative ways to promote your business. Contact us today to learn how using Instagram stories for advertising can help you grow your business rapidly.