Using Paid Advertising on Facebook to Stamp Your Brand

February 19, 2019

We all want a recognizable brand; one that stands out instantly and inspires confidence, loyalty and most of all patronage from everyone who sees it.  

Using paid advertising on Facebook to stamp your Brand, especially for small businesses, is beyond important.  It is the way that we can compete with larger, more established companies with larger budgets and reputations that precede them.  Branding is also how we differentiate ourselves from everybody else, but specifically, from similar brands and similar products. Branding is more than a nice logo.  It’s the website, social media page, letterhead and stationary, etc… that comprises the way that the outside world, our potential customers, see our businesses. So how do we ensure that we are being seen in the best possible light?  Here are a few small steps to successful branding.
  • What are we doing? What’s this brand about? How are we adding value to the lives of our customers or clients? Beginning with a specific mission or goal in mind is essential to branding. What’s more essential than that? Letting people know what it is! Shout your mission from the rooftops.  Make it into a slogan. Put it on your website. Make sure that your mission is clear, concise and visible.
  • Research the competition. Stalk them. Be a spy. Find out everything about their businesses.  Then, do a comparison assessment to ensure that our differences stand out and that we are supplying a need that is not being currently met.
  • Identify a customer base and get them to shop.  Directing traffic to our site can be a prickly process often requiring multiple tweaks until we get the formula right.  There are a number of online advertising websites that can help. We can start the process ourselves by investing in our business by learning to create instagram ads, getting paid advertising on facebook, or even investigating SEO service pricing for our websites.

Branding can be an overwhelming process.  It helps to remember that we aren’t professionals and that we are learning as our businesses grow.  It isn’t ever a bad idea to outsource and get some help. Branding and running successful websites and social media pages are careers in and of themselves.  Asking for help when we need it is the sign of a true leader and entrepreneur and is ultimately the best thing that we can do for our brands.