Top 5 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2018

February 24, 2018

Everyone knows that your brand becomes official when your Instagram followers reach 10K.

But do you know to gain 10K followers on Instagram? We are Social Network MD, an Atlanta marketing company, and we’ve created this guide because we understand the dynamics of advertising on Instagram. We want to share the top 5 ways to increase your Instagram following, without purchasing robot followers. Follow these steps and your business will surely see an increase in real followers and customers in 2018.
  1. Create an Instagram business profile.

In 2017, Instagram introduced the business profile feature and overnight the platform was transformed. In the past, businesses used their bios to briefly describe their business type, location, contact information, and other details about their operations. When the new businesses profile feature was introduced, businesses who opted in were able to display of their type of business, location, and contact information in a uniform and professional manner. These businesses also gained access to Instagram’s insights feature, which provides detailed analytics of each post. If you are operating a business and you haven’t transferred your page over to a business profile, it will be very difficult for your business to reach the 10K milestone. The conversion process is easy, and you won’t lose any followers, likes, or content. Instagram does require that you have a business page with their sister site Facebook, so the profiles are connected. Once you complete the conversion you will unlock several new features that will allow you to begin effectively using Instagram marketing.
  1.  Review your analytics.

Now, as you post photos and videos on your business page, you will notice a blue “view insights” button. This button will tell you exactly how many users your post reached and how many profile visits the post created. For most small businesses, your reach will  likely be under 200 and your profit visits will be under 10. While this may be frustrating, it is possible to improve your reach and increase your profile visits, but it’s not a one size fits all solution. We recommend you contact us for a customized free consultation. We offer specialized Instagram marketing services that will improve your reach and target the audience that your products and services best fit.
  1.  Share relevant, consistent, and polished content.

Instagram users are influenced by content. Your business must share content that is relevant, consistent, and polished. You may be wondering how to share this type of content if you lack photos, time, or knowledge about marketing. As a professional Instagram marketing service, we specialize in providing content and call to action captions that will keep your user’s attention and increase the number of quality followers on your profile.
  1.  Engage with your audience.

As your followers grow, the engagement on your profile will increase as well. This means you will need to respond to questions, comments, and at times unhappy or concerned customers. This can be a full time job that requires a customer service skill set.
  1.  Use the boost post feature.

The boost post feature is a great way to quickly reach new customers, but it’s also a quick way to lose money if you are unfamiliar with audience targeting. No business owner wants to see their money wasted on ineffective marketing. At Social Network MD, we understand that good marketing is an investment. This is why we focus on being one of the best internet marketing companies in Atlanta. The bottom line is that Instagram is a great platform to advertise your business. If you’ve tried it on your own and haven’t found success with Instagram marketing, we can help. Learn more about our service by visiting our website.