Is Call Tracking is Still Essential in the Age of Social Media

March 9, 2019

We know, we know.  Who still calls anyone these days?  

Do folks still use phones to talk nowadays?  This is now the age of social media, Instagram advertising campaigns, and online advertising websites. The amount of information and stimuli that we are bombarded with can be overwhelming.  It makes it seem as if, when it comes to business, it’s all that matters. Often, we avoid person-to-person interaction, even over the phone and as business owners, we tend to concentrate our efforts most tenaciously on the parts of our businesses that people watch or see.  Statistics show that despite that onslaught of digital interaction over everything else, call tracking is also an effective tool for our businesses. It is important for us take social data into consideration. Social Network, MD understands that timing is everything, especially when it comes to call tracking. Call tracking also helps us to measure engagement with our customers, or potential customers, and establish more trust between ourselves and the customer and may help to offset the cost of advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  If I can’t actually call a company, how can I be sure that they are capable of handling any concerns that I may have? Can I even be totally sure that they’re a legitimate business? Social media is important but there is definitely no substitute for a comforting vocal customer service experience.  Another advantage of call tracking is that when we participate, we allow our businesses the opportunity to determine which of our social media presences are driving the most traffic to our websites and also phone calls regarding our services. This is an essential tool to us being able to determine which marketing directions we want to move in next.  As with any business analytics or marketing tool, there are different levels of call tracking to be explored but even at the most basic level, call tracking for analytic purposes is intriguing and a worthwhile endeavor. Lastly, call tracking, specifically when we are engaging with its advantages at its highest level, enables us to know certain important information about callers up front.  This information includes essentials like the callers’ location, interests, calls history, and even if they’ve visited your social media website. Considering call tracking for your business is not something that should be dismissed as trivial or antiquated while it is indeed time-consuming and meticulous, it is also well worth investigating and attempting with the help of a professional.