How Using Instagram Can Benefit Your Business

January 20, 2019

If someone in your company has convinced you to start an Instagram account for your business you may be wondering how this will help your business grow in the long run.

Well, there is a common misconception that Instagram is only for teenagers that only want to connect with their friends on the app, but this is simply not true. There are a wide variety of different age groups on Instagram so your target audience is there, you just have to reach out to them. Instagram can help you reach the clients you want in a few ways.


Instagram makes surveys for each person with an account to take so that the ads that are distributed to them meet their own personal interests. If someone is interested in the products that your company sells they are more likely to have ads pop up on their feed from your company versus random ads that don’t interested. Instagram ads list the things that the specific user is interested in each time.


Instagram gives you the tool of stories. This was a fairly new update to the Instagram app. It allows you to post content on your Instagram story and if this tool is used effectively it can help you gain a lot of customers. If your stories constantly consist of your new products and updates about new posts, people will start to pay attention to your account more.

Business Accounts

Instagram allows you to make a business account. You do not want your business account to look like a normal Instagram account ever, and Instagram has now made it so that there is a distinct difference in the way normal vs. business accounts look. Having a business account allows your followers to trust that you are a legitimate business not just a scammer.  

Instagram can provide a foundation for you to reach people interested in what it is you are selling. It may be difficult to navigate at first but you will get used to this social media outlet very soon. If you are still having difficulties understanding how to use Instagram to benefit your company contact us at Social Network MD today. We would be happy to help you out and potentially help you build appropriate content to post on your Instagram account.