How to Optimize Social Media and Create Instagram Ads

February 25, 2019

Social media is important to any business and can even help determine its success.  

While a few of us are just naturally acclimated to advertising and technological hobnobbing, most of us are most certainly not and we need help.  Here are a few simple ways to optimize your social media accounts and create instagram ads for business.
  • Create a social media account if you have not already done so.  For those of us who are already active on social media, make sure that your keep all of your profiles up to date.  Any new projects, partnerships, even new contact information should be visible and easily accessible. Make sure that any links work and that all accounts are joined together and cross population of content is happening regularly. It’s even a good idea to add invite our personal contacts to follow our social media pages.
  • If for some reason you have not been prone to create instagram ads or you haven’t done any research into the advantages of online advertising, start now.  Due to the nature of social media algorithms, even if you have ten thousand followers, chances are that only about a quarter of them are actually seeing your posts.  Paid ads guarantee that the people who are using social media, or our potential customers, see our posts while they’re scrolling through their feeds.
  • DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS!  An organic following is more likely to bring you actual customers and will help to build your brand.  Slow progress is still progress. It can take years to build an enormous social media following.
  • Take advantage of the bells and whistles that each website has to offer.  Use the Facebook buttons and tabs to add dimension to your page. Make live videos in order to have direct interaction with your followers.  Highlight any important or memorable videos on the Instagram feed. Utilize everything that is available, especially when it is free.
  • Check the insights and Google analytics for your website and social media pages.  These insights are extremely valuable and can tell you what direction to move your pages in next.

These five simple steps will assist you in optimizing your social media accounts and make it that much easier for a professional developer to do an amazing job.