Creative St. Patrick’s Day Promotions for Instagram

March 15, 2019

It is the greenest time of the year, and your business should be profiting for St. Patty’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day is not just a fun holiday to celebrate with your friends and family, it can also be a helpful tool in helping you to expand your business. There are many ways in which Instagram can help you expand your business during this time if you create Instagram ads. Here is how.
  1. You can promote your business ads on your Instagram story. One of the coolest features that Instagram has is it allows you to attach a link on things that you post on your story. This makes it significantly easier for people to visit your website straight from Instagram. So, if you have an extremely awesome green collection of clothing for the St. Patty’s Day then be sure to show this in your ad.
  2. You can add a link to your app on Instagram. Another super awesome feature Instagram offers is the ability to connect a link to your app through a post. This is a special form of advertising in which there are more details to getting done, but if this sounds like something your business would be interested in, we can help you here at Social Network MD.
  3. You have the potential of getting a post to go viral! This is the super awesome thing about using any social media outlet to promote your business. People have the opportunity to share what they like with their friends and their friends share it with their friends and the chain reaction of your company’s products going viral continues.
If you haven’t thought of creating an Instagram for your business yet you should make this a priority today before it’s too late and you miss your chance of making it big during St. Patrick’s Day. People are looking and searching for green, however, your business decides to go about this task, make sure to create Instagram ads. Instagram ads are tremendously important if you want your business to be successful this year.