5 Reasons Your Business Needs Effective Facebook Marketing

February 27, 2018

If your business is based in Atlanta, then you know that marketing is the only way to set your business apart from the competition.

An increasing number of Atlanta marketing companies offer Facebook marketing services, but if they are not experts at Facebook advertising, then you are not getting the maximum return on your marketing investment. At Social Network MD, we specialize in effective Facebook marketing. Here are the top five reasons Facebook advertising is important.
  1. Your customers use Facebook everyday.

Most people check Facebook upon rising in the morning, during their lunch breaks, while waiting for a table at a busy restaurant, and before bed. This means your business can greatly benefit from Facebook advertising, because your client base has consistent daily activity on Facebook. It is important to understand that Facebook marketing is more than publishing the occasional post about your business. Facebook uses complex algorithms to determine the content that users see when they scroll through their timeline. So, if you want your clients to see your content you need someone on your team that understands how Facebook advertising works.
  1.  Your customers trust Facebook.

Your customers trust Facebook. When your business has a profile on Facebook, your client feels your business is reputable and trustworthy. The more complete your profile is, the more your clients can feel confidence in your company. Be sure to fill out your profile completely and provide detailed information. If you want to make your profile even stronger, ask your current clients to provide reviews. The more five star reviews you have the better, but remember your business needs expert marketing services to maximize your Facebook marketing.
  1.  Facebook has high ranking SEO.

When clients search for your products or services online using Google, it is likely that they will be led to Facebook. This is because Facebook invests millions of dollars in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that search engines like Google will put the company first when clients search online. By having an active profile on Facebook, your business creates a partnership with Facebook and you benefit from their investment in SEO. This is a great way to beat your competition, because the likelihood of your clients being led to your profile increases. Remember that leading your clients to your Facebook page is only the first step. Ultimately, you want them to purchase your products or services. Our company, Social Network MD, is an expert at turning Facebook likes into dollars for your business.
  1.  Customers can easily communicate using Facebook.

Facebook’s messaging application called Messenger connects directly to your business profile. When potential clients have an inquiry, you receive the message directly to your phone, tablet, or work station. This makes communication easy and secure. Speedy communication sets you apart from your competition. At Social Network MD, we can help you learn how to turn inquiries into sales.
  1.  Promotions give your business increased exposure.

Facebook allows businesses to pay for exposure by using promoted ads. Simply select your target demographic and set your budget. The ad will run for the duration of your choice and you will receive analytics that give insights about performance. While this feature sounds great, it can be costly if not operated by a marketing expert.