Best Social Media Outlets to Promote Your Business

December 27, 2018

The most used social media outlets are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

These tools are not only a fun distraction for millions of Americans, but they are also an incredible tool for advertising your business. If you have not created a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube for your company we can guarantee that you are missing out on reaching a very big group of potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are some of the most commonly used social media outlets. You are doing your business a disfavor if you do not choose to have a page on any of these outlets. Here are some ways you can advertise using these tools.


Advertising on Facebook can be extremely easy if it is done right. The most important thing to remember while using Facebook for your business is that it needs to be completely separate from your personal Facebook page. You should never post your personal opinions on controversial topics on your business page because you never know who you may offend. Once you have offended them they may choose not to support your company and you’ll lose sales. To use Facebook appropriately for your business make sure to make use of Facebook’s photo and video options. You can use this to your advantage by posting your newest products and getting a reaction from your potential customers. You can use their comments as feedback on what to improve for your next product.


Again Instagram can be an extremely great way to advertise your business, but that is only if it is used correctly. First, make sure that you set your business page up as a business account on Instagram so you can include your contact information and website in your bio. If this step is not taken, people will think you are just a fan and not the true company. You can also contact Instagram and get your account verified so that the blue circle appears by your company name. This step gives your company more credibility.


YouTube is a great tool where you can post a promotional advertisement video on your page. YouTube also keeps track of how many views your videos get. You can use this as a tool to help you track how much recognition your company is receiving.  

Make sure that your company evolves with the 21st century and the social media wave. If you choose not to expand your business by using social media as a tool to help you advertise you could potentially be missing out on a lot of sales. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are the most commonly used social media sites so use these as beginner stepping stones to promoting your business. If you need help maintaining these social media pages, you can always contact Social Network MD for help.