5 Steps for Achieving Your Ideal Logo

September 11, 2018

Your logo is the face of your business.

As a new business logo design Atlanta isn’t hard to find, but why settle for an amateur when you can have an artistic and creative design. Your logo will follow your business as you grow, so it’s important that you have the best designers working for you. At Social Network MD we pride ourselves on creating flawless logo design Atlanta. Read on to learn our process.  
  1.  Identify Your “Who”

As a new business owner, you will benefit greatly from identifying your target market. Your target market is the group of people who will buy your products or services. This will be a staple in the design of your logo. Start by understanding the demographics of your audience like age, gender, location, ethnic background, marital status, and even income level. Then assess your client’s psychographic information like interest, hobbies, values, and lifestyle.  
  1.  Use the Right Font

At Social Network MD, we specialize in developing logos for Atlanta businesses. Most logos have a combination of an icon and words, but this isn’t always the case. If your logo has words, we provide multiple options so you can choose the font style that matches the best icon without causing conflict or making the logo look amateur.
  1.  Use the Right Color

Every color has a subtle association. Be intentional when you select the colors for your logo and think of your target audience. In general bright colors can capture attention but they can also be perceived as brash. Muted tones can give a sophisticated feel but can quickly make your logo be overlooked. Finding the balance can be tricky. Our team of graphic artists are trained in color theory and can provide the perfect color pallette to instill emotion and capture the attention of your target audience.  
  1.  Make it Reflect You

Look for inspiration in other businesses but don’t copy. Your business deserves a unique logo. Cheap logo design will include clip art, so be sure to invest in logo design Atlanta for a unique and classic design.  
  1.  Keep it Simple

Designs with simple shapes, fonts, and colors prove to be the most memorable and impactful. These logos are also easy to replicate in branding material. While it may be tempting to include complex elements in your logo, remember that iconic brands such as Nike, McDonald’s and Apple all have simplistic designs.  

We are the best for logo design Atlanta. Choose Social Network MD for great logo design. Whether you aim to launch or rebrand, we are the best choice for great logos in Atlanta.