3 Tips for Social Media Content Development

October 29, 2018

Social media continues to grow and expand day-by-day and year-by-year.

Sometimes it may feel like it’s difficult for your business to keep up with the ever growing changes and updates. The key to staying relevant in the social media game is to create a social media content development plan properly. We’ve identified three tips to help you with this endeavor.

Tip 1. Determine your audience.

This step is not the same as building an audience. This step explicitly refers to deciding who the target audience for your website or product will be. Why is this step one to social media content development? We’ll pose this question to you as our answer. How can you create good social content if you don’t know your audience? You will need the assistance of tools like Google Analytics that can break down and dissect precisely what you need to establish your audience.

Tip 2. Conduct social keyword research.

Keyword research will help you drill down and hone your content. Social keyword research is a more specified form of research that will give you the foundation for capturing the eye of social followers or potential followers. Hootsuite is an excellent tool for keyword searches. You can also use Twitter or Facebook to conduct cursory searches on your own.

Tip 3. Develop a content calendar.

At Social Network MD, we use this tip for our clients and even for our site. After you’ve decided who you’re writing for and which platform you’ll be using, the creation of a content calendar will make your social media content development life more manageable.

Here are some ideas to include in your social media calendar:

  • All monthly holidays, including unofficial ones and special ones like “national dog day”
  • Festivals, concerts, movie releases, upcoming plays (especially those specific to your niche or industry)
  • Any company events, plans, outings, birthdays, anniversaries, company trips, etc. (nothing is too big or too small)

Social media content development doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but it needs to be a well executed and consistent one. If you don’t have the dedicated time to do so, contact our experts at Social Network MD for assistance.